The living are always under attack from the dead. As night follows day so do those of darkness target those of light and stalk them with words of hero worship when,  the truth is, the mere existence of those with a spark irritates them and they consciously or, in some cases, subconsciously,  work toward the extinguishment of that flame. Wilhelm Reich writes about this condition in detail in his book The Murder of Christ.

The people of darkness use many tools to bring down the envied. Negative rumours, stories that are unfounded in fact, and a whole range of politically acceptable words to discredit their target i.e., Narcissist (this applies to anyone who is successful in showbiz who uses social media to promote their latest ventures) because the fact that someone may actually be getting off their fat ass and doing something reminds the person of darkness how meaningless and unfocused their own life is; Nazi (it is acceptable in today’s politically correct world to call anyone with an opposing opinion this and get away with it. This is disgustingly outrageous and unfair to their target whose only crime may be to have an original thought, as well as, obviously, making light of what the real Nazis did). But let me not bring logic into this lest I be called names. Anti-Semitic is a good one too in some cases. I have even witnessed Jewish people being called anti-Semitic because they dared to have an opinion that didn’t sit comfortably with the party line. Such is the out of control world we live in where the militant wheel gets oiled first and the logical debate is not only not considered it is condemned. Here we have a perfect storm for the people of darkness to not only hide within, but thrive.

Bob Dylan has predicted for some time now that we have entered the end game. Anyone who has studied theology and the predictions of the old prophets would have to concur. In my opinion we are currently engaged in the final war between good and evil, darkness and light, and the shadow people are only going to get more and more hysterical as things don’t go their way. They are currently very confused as to why things aren’t going the way of the Polls. Could it be divine intervention?

It is difficult to untangle yourself from a person of darkness because they are cling ons – spiritual vampires sucking your energy. And the more you give them the more resentful they will become towards you. For even your kindness is an irritation. A reminder of what they are not. They will insult you by praising strangers and even abusing and opportunistic ex-partners above your efforts to help, give and support. This is to make you crazy and so confused you will cease to be able to function and end up zombie like staring out a window into the light that was once your source. Do not under any circumstances feed them. Let well enough alone. Danger and madness this way comes.

(C) Frank Howson 2017



across town

big jake

will use her

again and again

until he is


until the fantasies

he harbored

behind her


are played out

in living color

until her moans

and whimpering

tell him he’s the best

and not to ever



he will leave


and she will remember


and her breathing will

seduce her

and make her melt


bad girl

as she finds

the swing and



crying out his name

as she comes

to her insanity

that it’s better this way


and he will smirk

in a bar

with pals

detailing his conquest

another notch on his belt

along with julie

and the dumb one

and the blonde on location

that couldn’t speak english

and the other

with the limp

and dog that talked

more sense than



he will drink to her

the goddess

brought down to earth

onto the next

who will


her secrets

begging that they

be taken


before we all go


and then home


she had so wanted to see harry potter

with him

and her daughter

but he couldn’t make it

he will catch up with her daughter

some other time

he says


i don’t doubt that


i once saw

a cowboy movie

where they hanged the wrong


I never went back again

for years

to sit in the dark

why give money

to have a dream

come out




I could’ve repaired your


but I think you must like


the way it is





like happy endings

if you can find any

call me


(c) Frank Howson 2013